Sunshine Park Campgrounds



  1. No fireworks or glass bottles: cans and plastics only, with the exception of Liquor and Wine bottles, (must be kept out of sight at all times, IE. in your car, tent/cooler)
  2. Check-out time: 12pm (Noon). Check-in: Anytime after opening
  3. Quiet time begins at 12:00am until 8:00am
  4. Due to the environment, no pets are allowed
  5. All guests must be at least 16-years-old


How late/early can we check-in?

You can check-in anytime on weekends, since we are open 24 hours. However, during the week we open at 8am and can be here anytime between 10pm-4am depending on how busy we are. If you call in advance to request for a late/early check-in, we can accommodate for your arrival.

How late/early can we check-out? 

You can check-out anytime before noon on weekends, since we are open 24 hours. However, during the week we open at 8am. If you request for an early check-out during the week, we can accommodate for your departure.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes, please refer to our “RATES” page to view visiting hours and prices.

What is the deposit for, and do we get it back?

Deposits are in place to ensure our rules are followed while you are a guest at our campground. They are $20 and are completely refundable upon departure, as long as you check-out on time, have all of your wristbands and your deposit/agreement form is returned.

How does check-out work?

In order to receive your $20 security deposit, your site must be checked by security for cleanliness and no damage to property.

What are the methods of payment?

We are a cash-only venue and everything is paid upon arrival. We have an ATM on site for your use, and are also right down the road from TD and RBC. Scotia Bank is about a 10-minute  drive from our location.

Do you serve alcohol?

We do not serve alcohol at our campground. There is an LCBO and Beer store beside the main beach.

No glass bottles but liquor bottles and wine bottles are allowed?

Beer bottles and cooler bottles are much easier to drop and break, as they are more casually carried around, which is why they are prohibited. Liquor bottles and wine bottles however are often hard to find in plastic/can form and are more often poured into a cup rather than carried around. Therefore, they are permitted on the property as long as they are kept out of sight at all times, in your car, tent or cooler, and only brought out to make your drink.

Are there any group rates, or are all rates per person?

Rates are generally per person, however group rates are available for certain weekends and depends on how large your group is (usually multiples of 10). Please inquire for more information.

How far is the main beach?

The main beach is approximately a 3 minute drive from our campground and around a 15-20 minute walk.

Do you have any food or items for sale?

We sell firewood, ice, fire starters, general camping supplies, water and snacks. There is a convenient store right beside us, and a 24-hour Foodland, which is about a 5 minute walk from us, if we don’t carry something you need.

How big can my fire be?

2 feet high is the maximum and there is no burning of any items other than seasoned firewood. Wood planks/large wood pieces that you’ve brought from home must be chopped before burning.

Does the gate close at any time?

To avoid drinking and driving, no one is allowed to leave the campground with their vehicle after 2:00am on weekends and 12:00am during the week. However you are allowed to drive in anytime, and you are allowed to walk in and out anytime, as you please.

Are there any hook-ups?

There are no hook-ups, however we have water-pumps and hydro at our washroom facility.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes. Reservations guarantee parking and availability on site. Although walk-ins are permitted, reserving is the best way to ensure your stay with us.

How do I reserve?

If you visit our “CONTACT” page all our contact information is listed; please ensure your e-mail is spelled correctly. The following information needs to be completed to reserve:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Number of people
  • Arrival/departure dates
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • How you heard about Sunshine Park

Reservations are free of charge.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes! We have launched online ticket sales and all our tickets can be purchased online through! The tickets you purchase do not include parking or deposit which are paid on arrival.

Can I reserve a specific site?

Sunshine Park is an open concept. There are not individual sites to reserve and you get to choose where you would like to set up upon arrival. We recommend arriving early if you have a particular site in mind. Private sections are normally offered for specific events going on in the Beach and/or at Sunshine Park.

If you have a larger group and inquire for different site options, we may be able to accommodate. Please inquire for more information.

What are the site limitations?

None, you are allowed as many cars, tents and people as the site you choose allows.

Do your sites have trees?

Yes, there are trees spread across the campground but not densely. There are many options for shaded sites.

Are picnic tables and fire pits provided?

Yes, picnic tables and fire pits are evenly dispersed across the entire property.

Do you allow pets?

No, due to the environment no pets are allowed.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes. We have regular online contests, promotions and updates through our Facebook page, which is also where all of our pictures are posted (SUNSHINE PARK).