Meet Anjali



When did you start at Sunshine?

The summer of 2006, when my dad first purchased Sunshine. I quickly learned that I could help improve things from an operation and modernization standpoint. I began managing the park right after I graduated high school.

Where did the idea of the Party Tent come from?

The summer of 2010 is when we purchased the Party Tent and introduced weekend DJs for the first time. Prior to that, a staff member would put on DJ performances out of the back of his van, something he did since he was a camper years before and known as the Party Bus. We used this concept and brought it to a whole other level.

The tent was something that we wanted to add to further add to the Party environment in creating an all-inclusive environment for individuals to let loose without having to leave the property, bring the club to the campground so to speak. This original idea ended up expanding into specific themed events, various types of DJs and more!

What’s your favourite part of Sunshine?

My favourite part about Sunshine is seeing so many people from all walks of life, young and old coming together and enjoying themselves. People can be free, have a one of a kind camping experience and get a unique memory when visiting a Wasaga Beach.

Personal Passion:

A personal passion of mine is to work towards creating a successful future for myself and my family. This goes towards my family businesses as well as striving to improve my own family and new daughters’ life by building my up career. I am working towards involvement in the real estate industry and hope to pursue entrepreneurship in the future as well.








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