Meet Dina

Social Media Manager


When did you start at Sunshine Park?

Summer of 2015, when I was 16.

Why did you choose to work at the family business?

I have wanted to be a part of my family businesses for as long as I can remember. When I was 5, I would beg to tag along with my dad to see how everything was managed. When I was 10, I spent my whole summer hanging out with employees at our ice cream shop just to see how everything worked. I started working every summer by the time I was 12, eventually managing the ice cream shop and then I came to work at Sunshine Park.

What’s your favourite part about Sunshine?

Our staff. Staying up all night and managing high-stress situations would not be possible without the incredible team we have at Sunshine.

Personal Passion:

Hockey is my main passion apart from school. I started skating almost as soon as I could walk and played competitive hockey for over ten years. In grade 11 I got my third (and hopefully final) concussion, and so instead of playing I now teach hockey skills and referee for ages 5 – 60 at my local arena.





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