Meet Vicky

General Manager


When did you start at Sunshine Park?

The summer of 2013, right after I graduated high school.

What’s your favourite part about Sunshine?

The staff is definitely #1 for me, I consider every one of them my family. Other than that, I love the atmosphere and feeling you get at Sunshine. Every year when we open the gate and I start getting the office set up, it finally feels like summer. I don’t think it would be summer without Sunshine.

Personal Passion:

My family (including our two dogs). My family and I have gone through a lot of difficult times together, and we are very close because of it. I moved out a few years ago, so I try to go home and visit as often as I can, and of course, when I do I spend most of it with our two dogs, Bella and Jake. They are my favourite part about going home.








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